OCTG Casing

Enhance the stability and integrity of your wellbore with our comprehensive range of casing solutions. Introducing our 114.3mm x 17.38KG/M, 139.7mm x 23.5kg/M, 177.8mm x 34.23kg/M, 244.5mm x 48.06kg/M, and 244.5mm x 54kg/M Casing options, available in a variety of grades including N80, E80, L80, J55, and H40. Designed to withstand the harshest drilling conditions, our casing ensures reliable support and protection for your well, minimizing risks and maximizing productivity. With Long Thread and Coupling (LTC) connections for easy installation, our casing solutions are engineered for efficiency, durability, and performance, making them the ideal choice for your oil and gas exploration and production needs.

We offer competitive prices and delivery on the following stocked casing:

114.3mm X 17.38KG/M Casing in N80,E80,L80,P110 LTC

139.7mm x 23.5kg/M Casing in L80, E80 LTC

177.8mm x 34.23kg/M Casing in J55 LTC

244.5mm x 48.06kg/M Casing in H40 LTC

244.5mm X 54kg/M Casing in J55 LTC